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100% natural, 100% australian, prebiotic powers
Highest tested resistant starch,Inulin, Serotonin

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rich in carotene, chlorophyll and probiotic
clinically proven to stabilise blood sugar levels, balance
hormones and aid in weight loss naturally

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complete synergy of natural plant based nutrition, Protein fibre
resistant starch and minerals

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Green banana flour made with Australian Cavendish bananas
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Evolve skin care range - infused with the incredible healing
benefits of banana peel
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Natural / Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Fungal / Anti-Inflammatory
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what are the benefits from using natural evolution products?

nutritional value

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About Natural Evolution Products

Natural Evolution Banana Flour Film

This amazing flour can replace any plain flour or self-raising flour. Simply use your favorite recipe and replace the flour you would normally use with Mt Uncle’s Banana Flour. When needing a rise simply add 1 teaspoon bi-carb soda to one cup of Mt. Uncle’s banana flour to make self-raising flour. This product is very high in dietary fibre and is milled from our incredible tasting bananas grown on the Atherton Tablelands.